Makeup for Hooded Eyes | How to Apply Full Eye Makeup

Makeup for Hooded Eyes | How to Apply Full Eye Makeup

Whether you’re a budding makeup artist, a lady with hooded eyes, or someone who knows someone who is, I’ve got just the right eyeshadow tutorial for you.

Makeup For Hooded Eyes: Dos and Don’ts

Having hooded eyes means you have an extra fold of skin on your eyes, particularly the brow bone, which becomes the hood of your eye crease. The said crease makes your eye makeup “invisible” and may be a challenge in contouring your eye.  Makeup for hooded eyes is little troublesome because, without the right kind of makeup, they can make a lady’s eyes look droopy, small, or tired. Sometimes even all of the above. But don’t worry too much! If you keep reading, I promise I’ll tell you all my secrets to mastering makeup for hooded eyes.

1. Eyebrows For Hooded Eyes

DON’T drag the brow down.

DO elongate the brow.

Start adding color to your brow on the inner corners. Don’t forget to use small strokes and make the arch stand out — this helps in lifting the eye area. Oh and don’t forget to highlight your brow bone. This little step is so subtle but it makes such a difference when doing makeup for hooded eyes.

2. Eyeshadow For Hooded Eyes

DON’T use shimmer eyeshadow.

DO opt for matte eyeshadows.

Shimmer shadows tend to highlight the hooded area so it’s best to opt for matte ones instead. If you do decide to use shimmer though, just lightly dust some on the inner corners of your eye.

Use the matte shadows on your crease and elongate the eye by brushing your eyeshadow on with an upward motion — you can even bring it up to your brow bone if preferred.

3. Blending For Hooded Eyes

DON’T even think about skipping this step.

DO blend like your life depended on it.

After using a tapered brush to define your crease, it’s important to blend your eyeshadow so that the gradient of colors look fluid. Trust me, you wouldn’t want any harsh edges from the different shades of eyeshadow used.

4. Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

DON’T give yourself a thick cat eye.

DO apply eyeliner sparingly.

Start by lining the inner rim of your eye first, then move on to your top lash line. Don’t forget to use small strokes to prevent applying too much eyeliner. Trust me, ladies, makeup for hooded eyes shouldn’t leave you looking like a panda. If you’d like, you can also choose to use a brown or gold pen on your inner corners.

5. Mascara For Hooded Eyes

DON’T skip mascara.

DO use mascara on both your upper and lower lashes.

Using mascara will help open up your eyes. The trick is to go in from the root and wiggle the brush going up. It can be a little tricky, but it’s worth it.

6. Lashes For Hooded Eyes

DON’T use lashes that are too long.

DO opt for volume and not necessarily length in your lashes.

Ladies, when doing makeup for hooded eyes, it can be tempting to grab a pair of long lashes. But unfortunately in doing so, you’d be covering your eye makeup masterpiece. Instead, opt for shorter lashes or ones that go from short to long on the side. It’ll help create depth to your eye makeup, and you’ll absolutely love it.

7. Extra Coat of Mascara For Hooded Eyes

DON’T apply on the tips.

DO apply another coat focusing on the roots.

Sometimes mascara can be a lady’s best friend so by all means if you want to reapply another coat, go ahead! Just make sure that you focus on your lashes’ roots and not on the tips.

There you have it, ladies! If you look at the photo, you can see that the two eyes show both the effects of the DOs (left) and the DON’TS (right). I’d say that the left side looks way prettier and makes the eye look so much brighter and happier! What do you think?

Ladies, doing makeup for hooded eyes isn’t as hard as others may think it to be. It’s really all about knowing what to highlight and looking at ways to maximize opening the eye. Trust me, once you get the hang of it. It’ll be a piece of cake!


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