New! STROBING HIGHLIGHTING MINERAL MAKEUP loose mineral setting finishing powder M*A*D Minerals Makeup
New! STROBING HIGHLIGHTING MINERAL MAKEUP loose mineral setting finishing powder M*A*D Minerals Makeup
New! STROBING HIGHLIGHTING MINERAL MAKEUP loose mineral setting finishing powder M*A*D Minerals Makeup

Everyone is raving about the latest greatest makeup trend "Strobing". It is basically highlighting!
I don't believe it is a new technique, but it has now been named "Strobing" It is actually a pretty fantastic technique that is much easier than contouring.

If you are a fan of contouring, I wouldn't stop doing it, but perhaps add a bit of strobing in addition to your finished look. 
Or new strobing highlighter is a soft shimmering golden peachy shade with slight pink undertones. It is a creamy powder texture.
You will want to apply it lightly as just a tiny bit goes a long ways.

► mica
► titanium dioxide
► iron oxides
► carmine

How To Apply:
You apply to areas that accentuate the parts of your face that the sun or lighting naturally hits.
Above your cheekbones, brow bone, bridge of your nose, cupids bow (top of your lip), chin, collarbone, etc. If you enjoy strobing with various highlighting colors, I highly recommend our Whisper Mineral Color Collection!  (we have been using them for years)

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What it is… Translucent finishing powders for the perfect natural finish! Extends the life of any foundation (powder/liquid) throughout the day while giving you the finish that you desire. We offer several different versions, please see them individually for detailed information.

My tips on how to use it… Using a soft kabuki or buffer powder brush, simply buff a very light layer all over your face. Buff in circular or downward strokes according to your preference. For oily skin, pay particular attention to the T-Zone of your face (forehead, nose, cheeks & chin)
For fine facial hair, we recommend applying finishing powder in downward strokes following the natural hair growth.

Why I love it… I love to change my finish according to my mood, desire or occasion. So many flawless choices of matte, semi-matte, satin sheen, or an illuminating glowing finish with the added benefits of reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines, wrinkles and prolonging my overall makeup application.

What’s in it… Lots of Love & natural bare earth minerals!
All of our finishing powders are translucent. Most are for all skin types, but, some are designed specifically for certain skin types such as very oily, acne prone, dry or combination skin. We list a complete ingredient list with every single product in our store, as we feel it is very important for our customers to know exactly what they are using on their skin. All of our raw ingredients are manufactured in the USA.   

What’s not in it… I am very passionate about what I am putting on my skin. no talc, no synthetics, no oil, no fillers, no parabens, no toxic chemicals, no fragrance or perfumes, no bismuth oxychloride, no cornstarch, no gluten, no nano particles, no preservatives & absolutely NO Animal Testing!

What else you need to know… Our finishing powders may also be worn alone, over or under foundation.  All of our loose mineral products are FDA approved for cosmetic use, however some are not for lip use. (you cannot eat it) Majority of these shades are blue & green, but some purples and pinks too. Any shades that are formulated using ultramarines, ferric ferrocyanide & chromium oxide green. Any products that contain carmine are non-vegan.


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