Vegan Mineral Makeup Powder Dispensing Cosmetic Brush With Cap

100% Synthetic Luxuriously soft brush and powder dispenser in one! 
The unique dial mechanism allows you to customize application with three settings that control powder flow. 
The silky soft synthetic bristles allows for a smooth, flawless coverage. 
Fill it with your favorite loose mineral foundation, finisher, bronzer or blush! 
The brush has a cover top and a protective pull up sleeve to keep bristles in shape when not in use.

Control the amount of powder with the dial that has 3 flow control positions and an off position to prevent leaks.

brush measures about 3.75” long
handle is approximately 2¼” long X 1” diameter
bristles are 1¼” long X 1" diameter

User Instructions:

Starting out can be tricky at first, but once you learn how to use the mechanism, you will see how simple it really is.

In order to rotate the refillable brush to the desired position, first pull up the brush protective sleeve (in the middle) it comes up over the brush (will not completely cover the brush top) pull it up firmly.

Grasping the very bottom of the brush, rotate it left or right & it will easily turn for you.

(O) Indicates the CLOSED sign.
Keep arrow set at (O) when not in use.
You may adjust the powder amount by rotating the arrow to (I) or (II) or (III) as desired.
To close and apply outer cap - Always turn dial to (O) position. Pull the protection sleeve up over the hair first and then firmly snap on outer cap.

Vegan Mineral Makeup Powder Dispensing Cosmetic Brush With Cap Faux Fur

$ 25.00