For starters, I am not bashing this brand of products, in fact they seem to have wonderful products with beautifully packaged play makeup for all little princesses out there.
If I wasn’t a manufacturer of mineral makeup myself, I would most likely buy their products.
And to be fair, I will not mention their name.

It just has me so baffled as to why wouldn’t they just disclose every single ingredient individually? Especially when they are specifically marketing to children.

You may ask, what is the big freaking deal? Well, perhaps it is just me that it bothers because I do care what is in a product and I am all about being very transparent with ingredient lists.
Definition of the word: may, means - expressing possibility.

For example: the “may contain” ingredients pictured above are:  iron oxides, chromium oxide green, carmine, manganese violet and ultramarine blue. I use every one of these ingredients myself. They are all FDA approved for cosmetic use.

Chromium oxide green and ultramarines are not FDA approved to be used on the lips in the USA. Basically, means you cannot eat it. What do kids do? They are constantly putting their fingers in their mouth. You would probably have to eat a lot of it to cause any harm, but it is a possibility, right?
Carmine is another ingredient that vegans and those practicing Kosher will want to avoid as it is a crimson pigment derived from the Mexican and Central American species of a beetle.

My only reason for using a “may contain” list…
Occasionally, I do use the “may contain” only on specific colors that are very limited in supply.
I may have six food processors running at the same time and notice that a shade is off, which means either I didn’t measure or weigh correctly or left something out. I put that color in my oops collection or my No Name of shades (pictured below). I know the ingredients that I used for it, but I would not be able to have the precise ingredient list in the order that is required by law; therefore, it would say “may contain”, etc., etc.
no name colors

My question to the world is why wouldn’t they list the exact ingredients? Is it laziness in labelling or perhaps lack of knowledge? Or does it even matter to you?

I guess the only way to know is to ask them or shut up already!!

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  • Heidi

    I wonder the same thing with many companies. I am vegan and like to know what things contain before making a purchase. If a company doesn’t list the ingredients, I move on!

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