Whisper Mineral Colors

The Whisper Collection is a very unique part of the M*A*D Minerals cosmetic line.
To look at them in the jars, all you see is a pearly white or off white powder. However, they are very deceiving!
Once applied to your skin they actually have a sheer whisper of color. Absolutely amazing when the light hits them!

When applied wet, you have intense color that pops! Minerals applied wet are commonly known as "foiling". The color looks like colored tin foil on your skin. Some colors look so surprisingly different when applied wet...So much more dramatically intense!
The Whispers can be worn alone or layered with any existing colors you may already have.
Excellent for mixing with the colors that just need a little more excitement to them. Perfect for day wear or as many of my customers tell me.... they love to wear them for "clubbing" at night. 
These are also fabulous for dusting on your chest, shoulders, or anywhere!