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Traditional Makeup

Dear Valued Client,

After careful consideration, M*A*D Minerals has decided to discontinue all Traditional Products.
We do not manufacture any of these products, therefore, we cannot control the ingredients they contain & the availability of them.
The discontinuance of the traditional product line is in keeping with our practice of offering all natural, hand-crafted and/or containing better-for-you ingredients.
We appreciate and value your support and regret any inconvenience this may cause you.
We have been researching alternate products for a very long time. Products containing healthier ingredients while maintaining the same or better performance.

YOU deserve only the BEST!
The M*A*D Team 

We post the ingredients with each traditional cosmetic product so that our customers can 
see if they have any sensitivities or allergies to them.
*Traditional Cosmetics: may not contain all natural ingredients and/or may be a non-mineral cosmetic item. M*A*D Minerals, LLC does not manufacture any of the traditional makeup/cosmetic items. All of these products are MADE & MANUFACTURED IN USA. We do not source from any company that practices any sort of animal testing!