Ocean Safe Glitter Mineral Colors

The Shimmering cosmetic glitter colors are all bling! May be applied dry or wet for more drama. These are also wonderful for adding excitement to any of your existing mineral colors. Safe to be worn around your eyes, but with any glittery product, you have to be very careful not to get it in your eye balls!
OCEAN SAFE GLITTER!! According to IOP SCIENCE An estimated 15 to 51 trillion particles weighing between 93 and 236 thousand metric tons of microplastics entered our waterways in 2010! Yes, that includes plastic glitter among many other things.
Most Frequently Asked Question About Our Glitters
If glitter is not FDA approved to be used around the eye area, how are yours 100% FDA approved?
Our glitters are actually large particle reflective pure mica powder. Not made of PET (plastic), making them environmentally safe as well.